Real-time locating systems (RTLS) is modern technology facilitating the movement monitoring of indoor objects and people in real time. Usually, this is pertains to building interiors, halls and other buildings, the principle of which is augmented by so as Global Positioning System (GPS).

Bluetooth Low Energy transmitters are used as the basis of communication, serving as beacons thanks to which the device is capable of calculating its position in the respective space. The mathematical model applied takes into consideration the calculated reflectance of materials and signal permeability. The technology works with precision of within 3 to 5m, which has in practice proved to be sufficient.

In production halls with higher accuracy requirements, UWB technology which is to be introduced over the next few months is applied – thanks to which we have achieved accuracy of within 1 meter or less.
A great benefit comes courtesy of the simple installation, without alterations being made to the building structure and the thereby resulting production restrictions. We are able to install and configure 10 000 m2 of coverage in a single day.

An integral feature comes courtesy of multi-platforming and mobility. Data is collected through tags, smartphones, and tablets, and is subsequently sent to the server. The deliverable provides a wide range of reports, Heatmaps, Gantt charts and pivot tables.