In the case that you hire external services, RTLS technology will provide comprehensive information on the movement of cleaning company and security service staff.
The system not only provides information on movement, but also clear graphs provide information on the time that employees spend at each location whilst also providing information as to whether the staff are only in the respective designated areas. To an equal extent private security management and control of security guard movement as well as the possibility of directing immediate intervention is an significant feature, creating an overall view of the functioning of service subcontractors.

The option to manage cleaning services in hotels not only for routine maintenance, but also for cleaning various rooms – is indispensable. The whole process can be achieved through optimisation that physical inspection can not provide. Hotel operators are provided with the ability to locate selected commodities, such as golf carts. By the same measure, RTLS technology has proven itself for monitoring service at events organised in hotels. The supervisor knows where the respective member of staff is located.

From the respective history it is possible to accurately determine the motion of individual employees and accordingly adjust the distribution of materials etc. and therefore reduce the workload.