Info on the immediate position, as well as route history is the cornerstone of optimum logistic solution set-up. Auditing the movement of people and vehicles is the basis for the deployment of other Industry 4.0 solutions.
Standard use of RTLS for industrial plant logistics relates to tuggers, forklifts, pallet detection, collisions and the presence of the driver of the vehicle, and the like. The technology is very flexible and can be additionally adapted to very particular circumstances. Communication (connection) with WMS and the manufacturing system is a given.

Reporting is fully adapted to suit the client’s wishes, making use of instant views of the layout of the plant, history and large screens. The aim is to ensure client the best use of the obtained information.
The monitoring of tuggers can be linked to the timetable in cases where operation is centrally controlled. Downtime is thus avoided, materials are prepared on time for loading and the system assists the continuity of the entire production process.

The efficient operation of forklift downtime is minimised, often leading to a reduction in the use of such vehicles for individual production sections. Dispatching using RTLS can effectively manage service staff and operationally direct them towards required intervention according to significance and efficiency. As early as in the first quarter after the deployment of RTLS technology in plant logistics, savings of dozens of thousands of Euros can be achieved.