We believe in the simplicity of introducing new technologies into existing environments. In technologies that are not demanding time and installationwise and that do not interfere with production. In technologies that help process optimisation as the basis for increasing competitiveness.

Advanced manufacturing and high-level automation necessitate technology and staff localization in all industries.
Our engineers and developers have developed their own hardware and software solution based on a unique mathematical model. The solution itself originated over three years and the second generation version is now available.
Our solution is now based on Bluetooth communication. Bluetooth is a very economical solution that has proven itself for numerous clients.

In the upcoming months we are set to present UWB technology based localization, which will provide precision of up to 1m, however the installation does not interfere with production. We strive to provide technologies that are always one step ahead. Therefore this year we will launch augmented reality for industrial applications. The RTLS audit is the first step towards the introduction of further 4.0 Industrial technologies.



Standard use of RTLS for industrial plant logistics relates to tuggers, forklifts, pallet detection, collisions and the presence of the driver of the vehicle, and the like. The technology is very flexible and can be additionally adapted to very particular circumstances. Communication (connection) with WMS and the manufacturing system is a given.


RTLS deployment can save lives, as well as prevent equipment damage. Zero tolerance for accidents at work makes the safety at work improvements an important subject. The need to improve working conditions is an uncompromisingly upward trend.


In the case that you hire external services, RTLS technology will provide comprehensive information on the movement of cleaning company and security service staff.